BackgroundCut API v1

The power of BackgroundCut, automated

$ curl -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_API_KEY'
       -F 'file=@/your/image/file.jpg'

Sample Code Examples

Image File   
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Image URL   
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API Reference

API Endpoint
Method POST


Authorization (string) Token YOUR_API_KEY


file Source image file. Supports only PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP
file_url Source image URL. Support only PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP
max_resolution Maximum output resolution (specified in pixels). Upto 12000000, i.e 12MP. For eg, 4000000 outputs image of maximum resolution of 4MP.
return_format 'PNG'(default), 'WEBP' (recommended).
quality 'High', 'Medium'(default), 'Low'. 'High' quality takes the most time while 'Low' takes the least time to process.


Code : 200 Successfully removed image background
Code : 400 Error: Invalid parameters or unable to process input image file.
Code: 401 Error: API-KEY missing or invalid API-KEY
Code: 402 Error: No credits remaining
Code: 405 Error: Invalid request METHOD (Ensure the request is of type POST)
Code: 413 Error: Request Entity Too Large. File size should not exceed 12MB when uploading.
Code: 429 Error: API rate limit crossed

API Rate Limit

The BackgroundCut API has a dynamic rate-limiting feature starting at 40 requests per minute, which can double each minute based on the previous minute's usage, up to a maximum of 500 requests per minute. For example, if you make 40 requests in the first minute, your limit will double to 80 requests for the second minute, and so on, until the cap of 500 requests per minute is reached. Special increases in the rate limit can be requested. This dynamic scaling helps ensure optimal server performance.