BackgroundCut API

The power of BackgroundCut, automated

$  curl -H 'Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY'
       -F 'image_file=@/your/image/file.jpg'
       -o output.png

Globally Accelerated API for Ultra Fast Background Removal

Improve your background removal workflow with BackgroundCut's network optimized API, taking advantage of ultra-fast CDNs for outstanding response times.

1. Upload

Upload Images Using cURL, Python, PHP, Nodejs, or any your favourite programming language

2. Process

Experience supper fast background removal powered by GPU accelerated servers

3. Deliver

Maximise image delivery speeds and reliability with globally accelerated CDN networks

Boost Efficiency with the Finest Background Remover

Ultra accurate cutouts

Harness the power of our top-tier, ultra-fast background remover API for exceptional accuracy in cutouts. Instantly separate subjects from any image with smooth, clear results, even in complex areas like hair and fur. Boost your photo editing workflow with unparalleled speed and state-of-the-art technology.

Optimize your customer experience

Boost customer interaction and sales in your eCommerce marketplace with captivating product photos. BackgroundCut elevates trust using clean backgrounds for easy product comparison. Streamline efficiency and cut data preparation costs with our cutting-edge, ultra-fast background remover API.

Scale Up, Stress Less

Eliminate hardware concerns and scaling challenges with BackgroundCut's high-performance, globally-fast background remover API. Process ultra-high-resolution images without lag or downtime at competitive prices. Focus on results and leave the infrastructure worries behind.

API Docs

API Docs v1 


Designed for easy use, API v1 is a user-friendly API interface that supports up to 500 requests/minute. With recent improvements, it's now as much stable & fast as API v2. The ability to process both file URLs and accept JSONs makes it a superior choice for building applications.


API Docs v2 

API v2 is the newer generation of our API. Previously, it boasted significant speed and stability advantages over API v1. However, with recent revisions, API v1 has caught up to match the speed and stability of API v2. It's now recommended to use API v1 unless specific features of API v2 are required.


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The BackgroundCut API is an advanced image processing tool that uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly remove backgrounds from images. It's designed as an HTTP-based interface, providing a straightforward integration into your website, app, or product. The API functions as a managed service, which saves you from the hassles of setting up, maintaining, or scaling any infrastructure. For detailed instructions on how to integrate, please refer to our API documentation.

Each API credit corresponds to the removal of one background from an image via an API call. So, if you have 1000 API credits, you'll be able to remove backgrounds from 1000 images. Please note that multiple API calls for the same image will consume multiple credits.

API credits are valid for 60 days from the date of addition. If not used within the respective validity period, these credits will expire and will no longer be available for use.

At this time, we only support output formats that maintain transparency, which includes PNG and WEBP. Since JPG does not support transparency, it is not currently available. However, we are considering adding support for non-transparent JPG images in the future.

BackgroundCut can process images up to a resolution of 12 MP and a maximum file size of 12 MB.